Personalised Shop for your Group or Team

If you are buying hoodies, t-shirts or other clothing for a group of people Actifwear Ltd will create a personalised shop for your needs.

Need a Personalised Shop for your Team / Group Clothing Order?

Actifwear Ltd supply¬†embroidered and printed clothing to a wide range of Businesses, Schools, Universities, Clubs etc….

The ActifwearShop website is used to provide a unique, customised shop for clients who want to order for a large group of people but who don’t want the hassle of collecting the information about everyone’s size, colour and personalisation requirements and who want everyone to pay Actifwear directly.

If you would like Actifwear to set-up a personalised shop for your team, school, university, business etc then please get in touch with Matt – on 01858 461 686.